Belle Huxley … Always Belle

Belle Huxley ... Always Belle

Phone:  (832)566-5814
Gender: Female
Age: 27
Ethnicity: Black, Native American
Hair color: Dark Brown
Eye color: Brown
Height: 5’10
Weight: 135 lb
Measurements: 35B-26-38

French, African American and Indian ethnicity make for a beautiful combination of beauty and brains all rolled into one very sensual sexy creature!

I was born in US but with my diverse ethnicity I am told I appear quiet exotic. My ethnicity is French, African American  and Cherokee Indian.
My greatest influence in my life is my mother who is graceful and confident and strong.
I studied business economics and communications in college, while working part time as a model for exclusive trunk shows.

You’ll find I am a dichotomy of contradictions personality wise. I am adaptable, quick witted with a great sense of humor and enjoy conversation quiet alot, some might even say extroverted, however I can also be reclusive and intellectual, taking time to read, study, plan and reflect often. I am also ambitious and extremely goal oriented.
I am currently pursuing my interests in going back to school for a  Masters in Economics. I love learning to play music and foreign languages.
I speak french. (I actually played the violin in middle school and high school and studied french as my foreign language). But you’ll also find me to be laid back and extremely a
ccommodating even a couch potato at times… I love lazy Sunday mornings wrapped in 600 count sheets or vegging with a great movie on a Saturday or rainy afternoon.

Physically I am 26y/o and modelesque in stature, I am told I look exotic with a pretty face. I stand 5’10 weighing 135lbs. My measurements are 35-25-38 and wear a size 2 dress.
My skin is a creamy caramel color that is oh so soft to the touch. I eat healthy and take good care of myself and it shows in my appearance. I have shoulder length dark hair and deep brown eyes.
I consider myself a student of the world and never pass an opportunity to learn something new if I can help it. My General Interests include but are not limited to classical jazz, reading non fiction, s
elf improvement, enjoying tropical weather, wearing timeless fashion. You’ll find my personal style publicly to be sophisticated, classic and with very feminine sensual undertones. My private personal style is relaxed but with an attention to details, and especially receptive and willing.
I am so happy you have stopped by to learn about me and my interest. I hope that I have given enough insight into Belle for you to make a clear decision about our compatibility.
I sincerely love a man that does his due diligence in seeking his companions.  I look forward to making your acquaintance very soon.

A thousand passionate kisses,


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