Isabella Flores

Isabella Flores


My name is Isabella Flores. 

I am a confident, beautiful and refined woman with the inclination to captivate and the desire to please. Being a witty twenty-three year old, I am undoubtedly mature for my years, which you will soon discover. Coming from a prestigious school, I take great pride in my intelligence and I’m more than eager to absorb into subjects that interests me. I also crave adventure so you can imagine my appetite for spontaneous exploration is a deep passion of mine.

Physically, I stand 5’3 with the natural slim build. I have been gifted with a small waist, perky D-cups with the lovely shaped bum. Although my body has been crafted by the intense yoga sessions, I also posses thick yet beautiful black hair and chocolate almond-shaped eyes, which are embedded from my exotic background.

For bookings, please email me your full name, about yourself, logistics (date, duration & location) and verification (empolyment and TWO references)


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