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You approache the door at an upscale Hotel. You knock and as the door opens, there stands a beautiful blonde with the biggest smile you could imagine. She invites you in and closes the door as your turn to speak before you can even say a word she learns in a kisses you ever so sweetly on the lips and and says ‘hello I’m Angel’ you say hello and say your name. Although you almost can’t remember it as the thought of her amazing breast pressed against you briefly during that kiss.
Just for a moment imagine……

Just for a moment imagine……
She ask if you would care for some refreshment and you tell heryes and what you’d like. She turns and begans to accomodate and as she speaks you notice that y voice you heard when you spoke earlier on the phone. You also notice as her back is to you, her beautiful backside, gorgeous legs and as she bends to get something a peek of gater and stocking shows. You step closer and she turns to hand you your refreshment. As she puts the drink in your hand she begins to losen your tie with the other. Now she pops the collar button lose and kisses your neck just under your jaw. You pull her close as to feel those amazing breast again against you.
She walks to the sofa in her lovely suite and sits. There is that peek of stocking again and that distracting cleavage…She pats on the sofa next to her and invites you to join her.
To be continued….. as soon as you contact her……

I hope that you take the time to visit my website for more details!! I am a former model and now love to spend my time as a wonderful companion and source of sunshine for upscale gentlemen that truly respect a woman!
Please email me for possible future appointments!
Thank you and I hope to make your day a little brighter!
Donation details:

FBSM $180/hr…$240/hr and a half…$300/two hr

FBSM (VIP..GFE) $300/hr….$500/two hr OUTCALL add $50

Lunch date (meet at restaurant then after for private dessert…up to 3 hrs) $500

Dinner date (described as above….after dinner tails…private dessert….4 hrs plus) $900
Incall location in an upscale apartment near sage and richmond (Galleria)
Hotel Outcalls VIP sessions only…kindly add $50 travel fee. I am an early bird and take my first wonderful moment of the day at 7:30am! (my minimum outcall donation is $350 regardless of the service desired….)


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