Angela Adair

Angela Adair

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Well lets start with the visual exterior. I am 32 years old but most think I am younger. I do not show my full face in photographs. However I can assure you it is among my best physical features. My physique always catches a man’s eye as I stand 5’5 and at 125lbs and have measurements of 32H25/36. I have soft green eyes and naturally curly blonde hair. I stay active by working out (some) and though I do like to eat healthy most times, I absolutely enjoy all the pleasures of a good meal. I am a woman who is as comfortable in jeans as I am evening or xxxxx attire. I am always well manicured from top to bottom.

Who am I on the inside? This is my favorite part…Who I truly am. I love it when men are attracted to that physical exterior I mentioned above and then learn I am so much deeper. I often hear phrases like “total package” ect… That makes me very proud. I am the girl who plans most everything and yet can be spontaneous, I pay my bills on time and am likely to be the person a friend calls when needing help. I am the family member that everyone looks to to plan and execute all parties and family functions (yes reliable) I can be quiet domestic at times loving to bake and of course the holidays are my favorite time.( imagine me in an apron and heels and nothing else…lol) I am the gal who still keeps up with old high school friends and such. And yet I am hardly traditional.

You can be sure that when we meet, you will be spending time with a woman who is not only educated, socially adept and eloquent, but I am also a true sensualist. I love and crave the hunger a man has for me when we are xxxxx friends. Although I am a women who knows what I want and how I want it, my demeanor is still one that will put even the most timid at ease right away. I have discovered an interesting fact about myself as I have matured. I am a take charge, speak my mind, strong character and at the same time, especially on xxxxx levels I am a total pleaser! The very thought of pleasing my man turns me on.

I like the freedom being a companion gives me to be independent and to travel, but mostly to live life not by punching a clock. I completely revel in being an independent companion, and I am positive that will come across during our time together. I take great care to craft an encounter based on fun, mutual pampering (and almost certainly a dash of hedonism) all the while forgoing the often time xxxxx attachments of a more traditional relationship.

I am totally selective in who I see thus my rate may not suit everyone. I am a quality NOT quantity type of companion.
While I consider myself to be fairly well-traveled, learned and worldly for a young woman, I certainly am still open to the wonders the world has to offer and I am definitely not one to take life’s pleasures or opportunities for granted. I am formally educated and also street smart so I believe intellect is just one of the many qualities that draws me closer to a person. Their character is important to me even if we are only to be temporary friends.

I love travel and exploring. I love showing visitors my home city as well enjoying it with fellow Texans. I hope now that you’ve taken this time to discover more about me that you’ll want to discover even more by meeting in person. I do look forward to hearing from you!


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