Cecilia Dahl

Cecilia Dahl

I love what I do and find it incredibly rewarding and fun. I consider our intimacies a great honor and decadent indulgence and aspire to make them as special for you. I schedule few engagements and solely with like-minded, discerning gentlemen.I am authentic, passionate and responsive. I respect my patrons too much to be fake, and value our time together too much to be superficial. I believe emotional and intellectual stimulation intensify physical connections so I take time to establish chemistry and rapport. Getting to know each other is a vital component to genuine intimacy so my engagements always begin with dining and socializing.

I am an accomplished artist and genuine modern-day courtesan. I’m well-traveled and well-read and prioritize a healthy lifestyle. When I’m not traveling with established patrons, or meeting the rare new client, my days revolve around my art and yoga practice. Companionship is my livelihood and my lifestyle, and makes possible everything wonderful in my world.

I offer luxurious, sensual engagements for men desiring a holistic experience with an experienced ‘whole’ woman. Having lived a very full life I understand how lonely and stressful it can be. My patrons enrich my life to such an extent that I find great joy in providing respite from those burdens.

….Stats: mid-40s but look late-30s / 120 lbs / 5′ 5 / size 4-6 / natural strawberry blonde (all over) / natural B cup