Valeriana Vergara

Valeriana Vergara


I am a 28 year old Latina beauty with an incredible figure honed through hours and hours of dedication in the gym. I am as sweet as they come! I am a full time nursing student paying my way through nursing school. I have goals and dreams and I am doing my best to make sure they all come true. I am all about living my life to the fullest! Allow me to make your dreams come true too:)


I have to be very discreet and not show my face on here but I am happy to send you a video with my reply back to you. I am sure you will find my face to be equally as impressive if not as impressive as my figure pic shown here:)


My gift rates are $400 for one hour, $700 for two hours or $1,200 for 4 hours. My aim is to exceed any and all expectations you might have. I will do everything in my power to ensure we become regular friends!


Email me if you find me intriguing, I have much more to show you and so much to give!


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